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About bcRAN

What is bcRAN?

Since 2013 the research advocate group Breast Cancer Research Advocacy Network (bcRAN) has been committed to:

CONNECTING scientists with research advocates who represent the breast cancer population so that research goals keep the patient at the forefront

EDUCATING and increasing awareness about participation in research through community outreach

INFLUENCING research aims to be more meaningful to patients, survivors, and previvors  

We are the patient voice in breast cancer research.

Who is bcRAN?

Barb Kleyman – Co-Director
Lois Karran – Co-Director
Steffi Oesterreich, PhD – Co-Director
Priscilla McAuliffe, MD, PhD – Co-Director

A participant’s role is to advocate for the breast cancer community as a whole.

Our advocates at work! We are actively recruiting advocates!


Advocates participate in:

Monthly meetings that include training, education, and planning

An annual bootcamp: a full day training session to further our advocacy efforts

National, local, and regional meetings and conferences such as Project LEAD with the National Breast Cancer Coalition and the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium

Partnerships in research projects, clinical trials, grant proposals, and reviews such as the SEMOARS study and SPORE proposal

Outreach activities in the community to educate about clinical trials and studies such as a table at Hearts of Steel Dragon Boat Race and Magee Race to Beat Women’s Cancers 5K Run/Walk

“Yearly participation in PA Breast Cancer Coalition Conferences in Harrisburg”
“bcRAN was involved in the first ILC Symposium in Pittsburgh”


Researchers may never have direct contact with patients; therefore, it is important for them to interact with breast cancer survivors, their families, and caregivers.These individuals are in a unique position to support cancer research, through active participation in research design and review. As well, research advocates learn from scientists.The interactions are mutually beneficial; the learning and influence flows bidirectionally.